Sweet Disposition, Bathers’ Pavilion, Balmoral

Did someone say a 7 course dessert degustation? I’m in!

This was a one night event held during the Crave Sydney International Food Festival. $85 is a price I was willing to pay for this experience. I’d also said I wanted to try a dessert degustation, so when my friend expressed interest in it, I was more than happy to give her that little nudge :)

All the tables had to start at the same time, much to my dismay. We had gotten there on time, if not slightly early.. but we were left waiting for about 30 – 40 minutes while the other guests arrived… and darnit, I was HUNGRY!

Strawberry and lychee consomme, Champagne savarin, white balsamic powder

All four of us at my table started eating this as soon as it came out. After about 1 or 2 bites, the waiter came around to pour the consomme onto our dessert.. I have to say though, it was tastier before it got drenched, and the rest of us agreed ):

Peach and yoghurt parfait, almond nougatine, apricot creme

Caramelised white chocolate, apple tart tartin, apricot creme

My favourite one of the night :) The apple tart was the cutest thing ever and I think that thing on the spoon was sherbet?  That was a bit weird, but the white chocolate was heaven. Absolute heaven.

Pineapple carpaccio, lemon verbena, sorbet, frozen lemon marshmallow

frozen marshmallow = awesome tasty :)

Roasted baby beetroot, goats cheese, walnut crumble

This dish made me cry.. I did not like it unfortunately. Trying to cut the delicate pastry around the goats cheese was fun though :) And it was not wasted, as my friend readily scoffed the remainder from my plate up.

Honey and milk mousse, mango brulee, cara crakine crunch

This was served with cracked cacao nib and vanilla sea salt. The vanilla sea salt was weird tasting on the dessert, but smelt nice. But I prefer my desserts sweet, and salt free. This was perfect to end on! much tastiness to be had all around. nom nom nom. A few members of my table didn’t finish theirs off.. those fools! I stole it alllllll

Nougat bar + banana caramel bar

Okay, I’m not a fan of nougat.. this was my first time trying it. It was very chewy. the banana caramel bar is super sweet, and the taste of banana hits you like BAM! Good if you feel like indulging… or over-indulging during heavy exam periods >_<

I would have to say that this was worth my $85. It was a good experience, as I’d neither had a dessert degustation before, nor tried Bathers’ Pavilion. I must make an effort to go there and try the food for real though.

Bathers’ Pavilion
4 The Esplanade
Balmoral, NSW 2088
T: (02) 9969 5050
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