22 Grams, Randwick

Seems like my “Keep Calm and Have Brunch” routine is really falling into place! Very slowly but surely establishing something for myself after all these years but it’s better late than never! Also good to take the back seat and have my friends getting involved and choosing the brunch venues!


Get your table and order at the counter



Chocolate milkshake & Freshly squeezed orange juice




Freshly squeezed kale juice & salted caramel milkshake


Quirky number blocks as table numbers


Poached eggs with avo smash & caramalised tomatoes ($14.00)


Perfectly poached eggs!


Scrambled eggs served with sourdough


Breakfast special: Spicy chipotle eggs with green onion and coriander ($13.00)


Pear and white chocolate muffin ($4.00)

The Food Experience: This place is a bit out of the way for me from the North Shore but super convenient for people in South East Sydney and especially students from UNSW (since it’s located at the very end of High St) or people in general looking for a fresh, good value and and healthy meal. I love the fact that 22 Grams adopts a back-to-the-basics approach – food and service served in such a simple, no fuss attitude. Grab your own table, order at the counter, select from a variety of egg-based breakfasts or salads without any complicated fancy ingredients.


166-168 Belmore Rd
Randwick, NSW 2031

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Three Blue Ducks, Bronte

After hearing about Three Blue Ducks on The Sydney Morning Herald a while back and feeling somewhat adventurous, mister T and I trekked to Bronte for some lazy Saturday breakfast…

Pork belly with chilli jam, enoki mushrooms and asian greens ($30.oo)

This dish was confusingly great! The pork belly had a very fine crispy layer of skin and mixed with the asian flavours and vegetables it seemed highly fine-dining for lunch time! Having said that, I don’t know if I would pay $30.oo again for this dish at lunch time…

Steak sandwich with red pepper mayo, tomato, onion marmalade & rocket ($18.oo)

Now THIS is what I call a real steak sandwich! I usually shy away from steak burgers as I find the steak quite messy to eat but in this case, the steak was real juicy and tender – easy to eat. You can tell some real thought was put into this burger because the rocket was thoroughly tossed with vinaigrette before being put on the burger so the flavours were nice and even. Nothing worse than having bits of salad which either have no taste or too much taste that it knocks your senses out.

Ginger ninja + Berry Smoothie ($7.oo each)

The Food Zoo experience: I was severely disappointed by the timing that breakfast/lunch was served. I quote the Three Blue Ducks website on the day of dining: “Breakfast finishes at 12 noon on the weekend and at 11.30 am during the week.” COMPLETELY UNTRUE. We got there 11:35PM and was told that breakfast was finished and lunch orders would be taken after a 25 minute wait. You can’t make bookings either so who would’ve thought of calling up to double check the time on the website? Being mentally prepared to dine at Three Blue Ducks I had no choice (in my mind), but to wait for lunch time.

That being said, the food was really good though some dishes I felt were a bit more expensive than what I would normally go for. I will definitely be going back to try the breakfast menu though!

Three Blue Ducks

143 Macpherson Street
Bronte, NSW 2024
T: (02) 9389 0010
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Pier, Rose Bay

It’s that time of the year again, anniversary time! I leave it up to the boy to decide on the restaurant; its only right since he is the one paying.

It is a Saturday night and it’s nice to be away from the CBD for a change, and we were surprised at how easy it was to find parking despite Pier being situated on such a busy road. We parked pretty close by, but still far away enough to get in the sights before arriving at the restaurant.


Despite having booked two weeks earlier we still didn’t manage to get a nice table near the end of the pier *sad face* And it was quiet as well, as the only table we could book was for 8:30. My guess is they just didn’t want us taking up a four seater table. *more sad face*

Complimentary Sourdough :)

null Cones of Yellow Fin Tuna and Kingfish, $8/cone

I must admit, the cones I had at Ocean Room were tastier than these ones; not saying that these are bad because they weren’t. The tuna cone was a little on the salty side compared to the kingfish one (which was mine).

Roast Scallops, $29

The scallops here were juicy and firm, without being chewy. I’m not much of scallop fan but the mushrooms were cooked perfectly and buttered!

null Pastrami of King Salmon, $26

This would be my favourite dish of the night. I was served with toasted bread and olive oil. It wasn’t too heavy and I love anything with lemon :)

null Roasted Barramundi, $45

The skin of the fish was gorgeous; the crunch complimented the soft texture of the fish so well. The boy stole one of my baby beetroot though. *hate*

Confit of Ocean Trout, $44

The best part of this dish were the crushed peas :P they had a certain zing to them.

Side of Fries, $10

Tasty dessert, white chocolate something?, $20

I can’t remember the name of the dessert ): I think it was white chocolate, and it had raspberry sorbet and coulis. It was divine! The little balls of white chocolate were soooo sweet but the sourness of the raspberries helped to balance it out a little. I’m usually a huge dessert hog but I’m glad I opted to share this with the boy instead of having us each order our own dessert!

We ended the night with a nice stroll back to the car, stopping awhile to enjoy the view. I’d say it was a nice experience, but I not sure I could deal with just big slice of fish for a main course on a regular basis; I don’t know how people do it. Although there were other things on the menu I want to try, so we’ll see :)

594 New South Head Rd
Rose Bay, NSW 2029
T: (02) 9327 6561
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