The Foodie House, North Ryde

New section at Macquarie Centre means new food adventures! There’s a whole new fresh market that just opened up about a week ago, and the sight is something akin to Asia. Swarming with people, lines everywhere and invasion of personal space. At night time the bustle seems to die down a little to give some breathing space. We wondered around and settled on The Foodie House! It is a mix of Malaysian and Vietnamese cuisines.

Pork Heaven, $13.90

Marinated minced pork and prawn with soy sauce, pepper, garlic, then deep fried until golden brown and served with vermicelli noodle. I assumed that because of the pricing that this was a main sized meal, so when the dish came out, I was terribly disappointed. I guess even the Gods know that I am supposed to be cutting down on portion sizes. The little balls were very flavoursome and they were delightfully crunchy. They were like little pork and prawn doughnuts, and because of the hole in the middle I was able to stuff if full of pickled veggies and vermicelli. :)

Roast Duck Noodles, $13.90

The soup was thick and full of flavour and the meat freshly sliced off the duck when the order has been placed. A sprinkle of fresh chilli into the broth and this makes for a fitting meal on a cold winters night.

There were many other awesome drinks and dishes that are definitely on the to-eat list for our next visit when the crowds die down a bit.


The Foodie House
level 3, Shop 3347, Macquarie Centre
Cnr Herring and Waterloo Road
North Ryde, 2113

The Grounds Keeper Cafe, Ryde

Groundkeeper02 Mocha, $4.00

Groundkeeper04Skim flat white, $4


Green & Lean – kale, spinach, apple, mint, ginger, $6.00

Groundkeeper05Shish tawook wrap – marinated chicken tenderloins with lettuce, pickled wild cucumbers and roasted garlic aoli, served with fries, $12.50

Groundkeeper06Lebanese mezze board – shish tawook, lamb kafta skewers, falafel, kibbi balls, dips, olives and bread, $18.00

Groundkeeper07 Fatit Al Homos – toasted pita bread layered with chickpeas minted yoghurt, topped with slow cooked lamb and toasted pine nuts, $17.00

The Food Zoo experience:

The coffees here a pretty average, but it’ll do in a pinch. This cafe is set in the middle of a park. Its actually pretty relaxing, except they are lacking in heaters to keep the place warm. On the day that we went there were about 3 different semi-large functions, and as a result our food took about 40 minutes to arrive (we were warned). The fries were tasty, and the wrap was a less tastier version of El Jannah’s. If you are to order to Mezze Board, order the serving for two people, as you get a larger variety of dips and we all know variety is the spice of life. The Fatit Al Homos was really the only thing that we ordered appropriately for a cold winter’s lunch! It was warm and tasty.

I have to say the breakfast menu is what you want to come for, for me at least.


The Grounds Keeper Cafe

30 Argyle Ave
Ryde NSW 2112

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