Korn, Crows Nest

I think this little thai restaurant is quite new and nestled amongst all the outer restaurants along Willoughby Road in Crows Nest. Service was really quick (some of the food too pre-prepared) which was good for a quick dinner before a long and silly karaoke session in the city!



Thai milk tea ($4.50)


Satay chicken 6pcs ($5.90)


Deep fried taro ($5.90)


 Mussaman duck ($18.90)


Mango sticky rice

The Food Zoo experience: I would recommend the thai milk tea (one of my favourite drinks). Although there wasn’t enough ice to make it icy cold – but at the same time, it meant that you didn’t finish your drink in two sips leaving a cup of ice behind. I found the massaman duck a bit expensive given there were only a few pieces of duck in the dish and couldn’t taste anything in the fried taro except for sweet chilli sauce. The satay chicken was well served and the mango sticky rice (the price escapes me). I think I would go back to this place for my favourites and maybe give a chance to the other items on the menu!

Korn Thai

128 WIlloughby Road,
Crows Nest, NSW 2065

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Chat Thai Westfield, Sydney


Fresh coconut juice ($5.00)


Lod Shong Singapore – coconut milk with silky pandan dumplings ($4.50)


Kana Mhu Grob – Kale and pork ($15.00)


Red curry duck ($20.00)


Padt Char – “Fish Dumplings” ($18.00)


Khao nieaw kloy – Sweet thin wafers filled with meringue and threads of candied egg yolk ($4.00)


Khao nieaw sangkaya – Sticky rice with coconut custard ($8.00)

The Food Zoo experience: There always seems to be a huge queue at Chat Thai and this night was no exception. Except, I didn’t really understand why there was always such a long queue. I can understand Mamak where you wait 45 mins for a table but the food is cheap and delicious. Clearly not the case at Chat Thai. The meal was expensive for the food we ordered: the Padt Char – basically stir fried fish balls which was still cold in the centre even though it was the last dish to arrive – along with the dessert. The only thing I would go back for would be the dessert – finished the entire sticky rice dish by myself!

Chat Thai

Level 6, Westfield Sydney
188 Pitt St Mall
Sydney, NSW 2000

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Red Spoon, Castlehill

So finally I’ve tackled that audit assignment and have finally had some time to update…  The boy  has recently been obsessed with Thai Food! So one afternoon, we decided to go to Castle Towers and guess what cuisine we chose to have?


Steamed Thai Jasmine Rice with Peanut Sauce ($4.50)

Loved this dish! it’s presented really nicely but then I already had satay sauce with the satay chicken skewers (below) so maybe I should have ordered a pad thai or some other noodles instead. The sauce was alright but had quite substantial chunks of peanuts in it whereas I usually prefer mine a bit more smooth yet thick…

Petite Chicken Satay – 8 Skewers ($6.90)

Petite indeed! I have never seen chicken skewers so tiny! But I thought it was cute! Bite sized skewers of marinated chicken breast char-grilled served with homemade peanut sauce and a cucumber relish. I loved how they provided two sauces to mix it up… One thick and heavy.. the other light and tangy

Red Spoon Stuffed Squid ($21.90)

Fried squid stuffed with marinated minced chicken and vermicelli, garlic, fungi and the Red Spoon’s special sauce. Minced chicken? I couldn’t tell? Maybe because of the overpowering crispy texture of that GIGANTIC squid! I guess it’s one of their specials for a reason =)

Crispy soft shell crab with papaya salad ($10.90)

This dish is a combination of shredded green papaya with lime juice, roasted peanuts, green beans and tomatoes served with soft battered deep fried soft shell crab. The salad had a nice tangy chilli sauce and I just couldn’t stop eating it! By the end of the meal my lips were burning but it was definately well worth it!

So that’s the end of this entry. Keep tuned as I try to clear out a backlog!

Red Spoon Thai
Castle Towers
6-14 Castle St
Castle Hill 2154 NSW
T: (02) 9899 5669

Chedi Thai Restaurant, Newtown


Chedi: probably one of my favourite places to eat. It is bustling on a Friday and Saturday night being situated on Newtown’s Kings Street. It also provides a calm, relaxed place to dine any other day of the week. The wait staff are always friendly and energetic, and Greg and Shanya are wonderful people who have the ability to make everyone feel warm and welcomed.

Green Mango Salad, $15
Always a good dish, though I usually order it with the soft shell crab.



Fresh Corn Patties served with tangy plum sauce, $12
One good thing about sharing a table with a vegetarian is that they will notice things that I normally wouldnt myself. Here is a prime example. I mean, c’mon, corn patties? I would never have ordered them… but now, three days after the meal, I’m still aching for more.



Spring Rolls (4 per serve) served with tangy plum sauce, $7.50
I’ve never ordered so much vegetarian in my life! But they were all soooo goood.


Tom Yum Fried Rice with Prawns, $18.50
The serving was much too small for something so delicious! I love spicy food and this hit the spot.



Seasonal Vegetables with Silken Beancurd, $16
Yet another vegetarian dish that I’m happy to have ordered.



Crispy Pork with Chinese Broccoli, $17.90
Gorgeous. The pork was crispy, but not dry. My only regret, not ordering the crispy pork with chilili and basil instead to curb my chilli cravings!


I said it before, and I’ll say it again, great food and service; a great place for both a nice or casual night out. Chedi also provides free secure parking upon request and appointment, which is a bonus since it is located in Newtown.

Chedi Restaurant
74-78 King St
Newtown, 2042
Sydney, Australia
T: 9516 1127

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