Sous Le Soleil, Roseville

So a few weeks ago, the weather was horrible and unpredictable, I had  a big party the night before and now was just too exhausted to cook at home (not that I cook lol). Point is, there are several reasons by I was super excited about coming here to Sous Le Soleil cafe…

1) It’s in the middle of a park – a cafe? in the middle of nowhere? No way!
2) Recommended by a friend – I don’t usually
3) It was raining and I felt like going outdoors just to be rebellious!

As I mentioned before, the place is practically a little cottage house right in the middle of the park (next to the oval and tennis courts). There is a back entrance to the garden where the cafe is or you can choose to enter through the front where there are a few nicely decorated bedrooms with all sorts of decorations and displays for sale.

Complimentary sourdough

The waitstaff were absolutely lovely and very accommodating and seemed to come along at the right time when we were ready to order. We got complimentary sourdough with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to start off with… This was great because I was already starving to begin with!

Flat white coffee ($4.50)

To be honest I thought the coffee wasn’t really extraordinary. However the hot chocolate I got later on was actually one of the better ones I’ve tasted.

Seared Scallops – entree size ($19)

I loved this dish – the scallops were big and juicy and the potato basket was just so unique! You can get it entree or main size and now just thinking about it.. I wished I’d gotten a main. Literally every single table ordered one – no joke! Anyway, there’s some pink stuff on the very bottom which is a salmon rillette. I loved this stuff! Basically diced salmon which was half cooked so you could taste all that omega 3 without being overwhelmed!

Honey Roasted Duck Breast –  ($33)

An interesting dish which was quite satisfying to eat. Served with a beetroot reduction, rocket & hazelnut salad& toasted fruit bread. I thought the salad was really nice, light and simple. I’d finished it all up and was wanting more before I had even realised!

Mushroom and Brie Tartlet with a mesclun leaf salad ($19.00)

Unfortunately by the time I got to this tartlet I was already feeling quite full. I was a little disappointed as I thought I would take a bite and it would be oozing all this melted brie cheese but unfortunately that wasn’t the case =O

Crepe Suzette ($15.00)

Description: Crepes cooked in an orange sauce, flambéed in a grand marnier liqueur served with vanilla ice cream. I wasn’t super keen on this dessert as I like my dessert creamy and chocolatey but the boy seemed super keen so I gave in (just this once!). Result? He loved it but I found it way too sour! However I loved the ice cream! The taste was so light and you could see all the little vanilla bean seeds in the ice-cream which just made it so much more exciting!

Overall I loved this place though found it a tad too pricey given it was a late Sunday brunch. Given that though, I would definitely go back because i can’t stop thinking about those scallops!

Sous Le Soleil
Roseville Park
60A Clanville Rd,
Roseville 2069
T: (02) 9880 8815

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