House of Crabs, Surry Hills

After so many failed attempts at organising dinner here, we finally managed to secure a booking for a chilled out Friday night. When booking, reservations for more than 10 require a deposit, there are two sessions for either 6 or 8PM. These restrictions are quite disappointing as the restaurant seemed hardly busy! On a brighter note, the service was lovely and the set up is really cute though with either booth seating, table seating or shared tables.



Complimentary spicy popcorn


Assortment of mocktails


Mocktail shared between two


Lobster fries with thousand island salsa and chipotle mayo ($14.00)


Crab, blackbean & chorizo balls ($15.00)


Lobster fries – with lobster gravy, bacon & corn ($12.00)


Moreton bay bug – 500g ($34.00)



SA Mussels ($19.00)



King Crab – 500g ($45.00)


Fried chicken ($22.00)


Waffle sandwich ($12.00)


Banana pie – oreo cookie base and caramel centre ($10.00)

The Food Zoo: I have to say, the experience was quite mixed at House of Crabs. Perhaps a bit over-hyped by my friends? I was genuinely disappointed with the lobster fries… I was thinking there would actually be lobster pieces in the fries but it was only lobster gravy… And then I couldn’t taste any lobster at all. Nevertheless my friends will know that I do really enjoy any form of fries! The dessert was unique and to be honest, my favourite dish was the fried chicken *gasp*shock*horror* I loved the idea of getting your hands dirty but honestly, the effort to reward ratio of eating crab is just way to high for my liking!

House of Crabs

The Norfolk Hotel
Level 1, 305 Cleveland St
Redfern NSW 2016

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Pier, Rose Bay

It’s that time of the year again, anniversary time! I leave it up to the boy to decide on the restaurant; its only right since he is the one paying.

It is a Saturday night and it’s nice to be away from the CBD for a change, and we were surprised at how easy it was to find parking despite Pier being situated on such a busy road. We parked pretty close by, but still far away enough to get in the sights before arriving at the restaurant.


Despite having booked two weeks earlier we still didn’t manage to get a nice table near the end of the pier *sad face* And it was quiet as well, as the only table we could book was for 8:30. My guess is they just didn’t want us taking up a four seater table. *more sad face*

Complimentary Sourdough :)

null Cones of Yellow Fin Tuna and Kingfish, $8/cone

I must admit, the cones I had at Ocean Room were tastier than these ones; not saying that these are bad because they weren’t. The tuna cone was a little on the salty side compared to the kingfish one (which was mine).

Roast Scallops, $29

The scallops here were juicy and firm, without being chewy. I’m not much of scallop fan but the mushrooms were cooked perfectly and buttered!

null Pastrami of King Salmon, $26

This would be my favourite dish of the night. I was served with toasted bread and olive oil. It wasn’t too heavy and I love anything with lemon :)

null Roasted Barramundi, $45

The skin of the fish was gorgeous; the crunch complimented the soft texture of the fish so well. The boy stole one of my baby beetroot though. *hate*

Confit of Ocean Trout, $44

The best part of this dish were the crushed peas :P they had a certain zing to them.

Side of Fries, $10

Tasty dessert, white chocolate something?, $20

I can’t remember the name of the dessert ): I think it was white chocolate, and it had raspberry sorbet and coulis. It was divine! The little balls of white chocolate were soooo sweet but the sourness of the raspberries helped to balance it out a little. I’m usually a huge dessert hog but I’m glad I opted to share this with the boy instead of having us each order our own dessert!

We ended the night with a nice stroll back to the car, stopping awhile to enjoy the view. I’d say it was a nice experience, but I not sure I could deal with just big slice of fish for a main course on a regular basis; I don’t know how people do it. Although there were other things on the menu I want to try, so we’ll see :)

594 New South Head Rd
Rose Bay, NSW 2029
T: (02) 9327 6561
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