3one7, Parramatta

Following the large meal at Stephano’s we made the short walk down Church Street to Restaurant 3one7. It was around 8:30pm and the restaurant still looked full and we overheard the group of four ahead of us being informed that there would still be a 30 minute wait for a table. This did not upset me, however, as the thirty minutes would give us ample time to take a short walk up and down Church St, and help digest the previous meal.


We head back at a little bit before 9pm hoping a few tables will have cleared, and luckily they had one table for us right at the door :)

null Banana Caramel Cake, $9.90

While I couldn’t really taste the caramel, the banana was definitely in the slice of cake. The was a really fine biscuit layer under the cake that sort of just flaked away as you tried to spoon mouthfuls of the cake. It is a fluffy cake, that is considerably light.

Chocolate Mud Cake, $9.90

I had been craving this cake for quite awhile. It is served hot and oozes chocolate. YUM! It is sweet but not overly sweet like a lot of other mud cakes, and the cake is moist and sponge-y.

Both served were with vanilla gelato, cream and strawberries.

I miss the mains here too, they come in huge portions. Can’t wait for the next time.

317 Church St
Parramatta, 2150
T: (02) 9893 8188
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Stephano’s Ristorante, Parramatta

It’s a Saturday night and we are at a friends place desperately calling restaurants to try to make a reservation somewhere that served ribs and steak. In the end we decided to just drive to Parramatta and try our luck. Initially we wanted to have dinner at 3one7, but they were full. So we wondered up and down Church St, eyeballing the menus for a good while, until we settled on Stephano’s


The Mister and I had walked past Stephano’s several times before and were always greeted by the hostess standing just at the entrance; tonight was no different. We were quickly shown a table, a bonus considering it was a Saturday night at 7:30, prime dinner time. The menu is extensive and it took awhile for us to decide on what to order, so we ordered a starter to quell our grumbling stomachs.

nullStephano’s Cheesy Fries, $11.90

I’m not usually a fan of bacon, especially on its own, but cheese and bacon go so well with fries that I just couldn’t help myself. The thing about this dish however is that you have to eat it fast. As soon as the cheese cooled down it was sad faces all around ):

nullPork Racks (Single), $21.00

Pork rack of ribs smothered in Stephano’s own BBQ sauce, char grilled served with chips and salad. I didn’t taste this dish, but was assured throughout the meal that it was “awesome”.

nullGamberoni, $23.90

King prawns with garlic, chilli in a napolitana sauce with a touch of brandy. They also had little surprise prawns tucked away in the pasta. I ordered the pasta thinking it would be a small meal, considering I can’t actually eat as much as I’d like to think I do. But how wrong I was. There was actually enough left over for the Mister to take home the next day to make a very filling breakfast. I had to ask for additional chilli since I couldn’t taste any ): But that didn’t affected the taste of the sauce. I would definitely order this dish again; I loved the sauce that much. It looks a bit thin in the picture, but it was the perfect consistency, and clung to the fettuccine to ensure the perfect mouthful every time.


nullChicken Mediterranean, $24.90

Tender grilled chicken breast smothered with fresh lemon, garlic, olive oil, herbs and seeded mustard. The chicken was tender and laced with herbs.


Stephano’s T-Bone (900grams), $28.90

T-Bone marinated in parsley and garlic. The steak was a little bit tough on the strip loin side, but was perfect and tender on the sirloin side. Even for the Mister this was a huge meal, and one side was left unfinished, and the salad left almost untouched.

After dinner I craved dessert, but nothing at Stephano’s caught my eye, besides, I already had my mind set on something else….

Stephano’s Ristorante
329 Church St
Parramatta, 2150
T: (02) 9633 3132

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