Petaling Street, Haymarket

So this place has been around for a while but why have I only heard of it this year?? I need friends who will take me to nice cheap eats more often! This place has become one of my favourite places for a cheap, casual but satisfying dinner!



Downstairs seating area


“Michael Jackson” – Soya Milk with Grass jelly ($4.80)


Lemon Barley Hot ($4.80)


Lam Yu Pai Guat – Pork spare-ribs cooked in red fermented beancurd ($18.80)


Hainanese Chicken


Combination Hor Fun ($11.50)

The Food Zoo experience: I have been back at least five times and left feeling full and satisfied every single time! There is also rarely a queue since it has huge downstairs seating too. I love the Hainanese chicken (probably not the best or cheapest in Sydney – but I’m easily satisfied). I would also recommend the roti canai with condensed milk to finish off the meal (although it’s not in the pictures above). Tip: Restaurant takes CASH only! (Well I think you should really be expecting that from an Asian restaurant anyway!)

Petaling Street
760 George Street
Haymarket 2000

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Mamak, Chatswood

This post was supposed to be up a while ago, but my awesome meal was followed by a not so awesome car crash ): With the poor girl needing to be put down.
But in any case, I’m sure Mamak does not need an introduction, nor do I need to remind everyone how good the roti is. I’d only ever been to the shop in the city once, when I was roaming the streets at 2am on a Saturday night during my ‘younger’ party days, and even then I just watched as others wolfed down the food. The lines were always too long and parking too difficult to come across in the city. So when I heard that Mamak was opening in Chatswood I had to go and give it a real try. I went there three times the week that it was opened. No obsession there.

null Kari sayur, $13
Vegetarian curry cooked with lentils, fresh tomatoes, carrots, potatoes and eggplant.
I love tomatoes in curry! They’re so juicy and melt in your mouth :) and this was a nice mild curry.

null Nasi goreng, $10.50
I eat nasi goreng way too much, but this one was light and not as greasy as the ones I usually buy.

null Roti planta, $6
I forgot to try this one, since I was too busy waiting for my roti canai to arrive ):

null Nasi lemak. $7.50 + curry chicken, $3
Getting curry chicken is definitely a much better idea that the first time I came, and got the fried chicken. At least the curry chicken gave it some sauce so the rice wasn’t so dry. The vegetarian curry also helped :)

null Roti canai, $5
Yay, this is basically the only thing I order when I go to Mamak, since I need to save room for the roti tisu :D

null Chicken + beef satay, $14/doz.
I wish I’d gotten a better picture of the satay sticks but they were at the other end of the table and I was too busying digging into my roti, and I’m some what ashamed to say, I don’t eat/enjoy satay anything. ):

null Roti tisu, $9
I’d never ordered this before, only seem photographs. So we ordered one between four of us + 3 extra scoops of ice cream for 50c each. It was not enough tisu ): the next time I went back we ordered one between two. Still not enough. Note for next visit: one each!

null Cendol, $5

So yeah, if you’re not into long lines, the Chatswood Mamak is the place to go. But just to be safe, get there early anyway :P

..and now back into my hole to study.

Shop P9, 1-5 Railway St
Chatswood, NSW 2067
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