Spiedo Restaurant and Bar, Sydney

It’s been way too long since I last posted but this is a well deserved, long needed break! Plus, it’s one of my new favourite places which I honestly want to share with everyone!! The post below is a snapshot of the dessert that Speido has to offer and also Sugarhit for Crave Sydney 2011.

Spiedo Dessert Plate: Mix of Strawberry Sorbet, Spiedo Tiramisu, and Amedei Chococlate Barbajada ($18.00)

Strawberry sorbet served on finely chopped strips of fresh strawberry

Fruity flavours were never really my thing but now I am just converted. The strawberry flavour is so refreshing you’ll be finished before you know it and asking for more.

Unique Spiedo Tiramisu

One of my favourites! A deconstructed tiramisu… A crunchy chocolate biscuit based with a shot of coffee served with a soft sponge and cream on the side.

Peanut Butter gelato

The waiter kindly allowed us to choose the gelato on our second Speido Dessert plate. The peanut butter was light and creamy and honestly, much better than I had expected. Would definitely order that one again!

Sugarhit: House-made buttermilk panna cotta, strawberry granita and basil ($20.00)

The panna cotta tasted quite tofu-like but loved the strawberry granita which was so refreshing. Maybe strawberry desserts are their specialty? Anyway, will leave that for you to decide! But remember, sugarhit is available for October 2011 only!

The Food Zoo experience: Highly recommended! The pasta I had last time was really special (will need to blog about it later) and the desserts are absolutely fantastic and refreshing =)

Spiedo Restaurant and Bar
188 Pitt St Westfield Sydeny Level 6
Sydney 2000
T: (02) 8072 9999

Rosso Pomodoro, Balmain

If you’re keen on trying real Italian pizza, Rosso Pmodoro is the place to go. This little restaurant, despite being neatly hidden away from the main road along Jackson Port, appears to be always busy and bookings are essential and quick turnaround of tables.

The interior is packed and the walls are painted bright red but what I found most interesting was “The Rules” blackboard hung on the far side of the restaurant. As I mentioned above… Real Italian pizza: no ham & pineapple (lol my favourite…), only Italian mozzarella and only Italian toppings (which really, in my opinion, reduces the variety).

Bruschetta ($13.50)

Amazing bruschetta on a pizza baseI find the most unique thing about Rosso Pomodoro is their pizza base, crispy yet not too thin.

Vegetariana ($19.00)

Who knew vegetarian pizza could taste so good! Had one of our anti-vegetarian friends digging in and asking for more!

Capricciosa – Tomato, italian mozzarella, ham, olives, mushrooms, artichokes ($19.00)

Funghi – Tomato, italian mozzarella, fresh mushrooms ($18.00)

Lots and lots and lotsssss of mushroom for all you mushroom lovers out there! But for me,  I prefer the Della Cassa pizza (below)…

Della Cassa – Italian mozzarella, italian sausages, hot salame, baby spinach, shaved parmesan ($23.00)

I don’t usually prefer anything chilli but this is a definite must! The spicy taste really helps make the simple pizza so yummy!

Rosso Pomodoro
24 Buchanan St
Balmain 2041
T: (02) 9555 5924

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