MAZE, Southbank (Melbourne)

And so begins a series of posts of my Melbourne food safari. Be prepared to be wowed! We’ll start with a blast from Maze – or more famously known as Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant. And wait for it… Lunch menu, three sets for only $42.o0! The best advice I’ve had going to Melbourne is that if you want to enjoy all the fine dining restaurants, eat your heart out during the weekdays as the lunch sets are the best value!

Complimentary butter with seaweed butter

One of the best complimentary breads ever! So soft with the perfect amount of salt seasoning and interesting butter as well.

Yellow fin tuna tartar white radish, yuzu, black garlic

Loved this dish – a wonderful combination of little delicate ingredients with a variety of textures especially those teeny enoki mushrooms.

Foie gras and chicken liver parfait Madeira, mulberries, toasted sourdough

Foie gras (French for “fat liver”) was so nice and smooth it spread like thick gooey peanut butter! Another one of my Maze favourites…Yum!

Charred leek salad truffle mayonnaise, pickled mushrooms

I’ve never been a huge fan of leek but I found this dish quite pleasant. The leek was soft and thoroughly cooked and the chopped shallots added a nice crunchy taste with the rest of the dish.

“ Tête de cochon” watermelon, kohlrabi, crispy pigs ear

I don’t recall ever having pigs ear before but I didn’t really prefer this dish in particular. But once again, I absolutely absolutely love how Maze plates their dishes so elegantly. The dishes are petite but not to the point where you would feel completely ripped off from the usual fine dining meals.

Crispy roast pork belly calvalo nero, soybeans, dashi

This dish was sooo nice! The pork was super crispy even when the lovely and light dashi (Japanese cooking stock) was poured over the dish when served.

Gisbourne duck leg Sweet corn, cracked wheat, fig jam

Wasn’t too ken on the cracked wheat but regardless, juicy tender duck meat with some sweet corn puree – need I say more?

And to top it all off, some random Melbourne graffitti… Everything in Melbourne is awesome!

Maze Melbourne
8 Whiteman St Crown Metropol Level 1
Melbourne. 3006
T: (03) 9292 8300

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