Blackwood Pantry, Cronulla

So, who actually still remembers how to blog… because I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten. But I guess blogging is like a diet, you can never start too many times.-__-”

I have had Blackwood Pantry on the to-eat list for a while now. Ever since the Instafoodie event about 7 months ago. So I muscled down, and dragged some friends with me for the long drive down to Cronulla. Leaving the house at 8am in the morning was a brilliant idea, as by the time we got down there the area was already buzzing. We managed to score the last free table, so luckily didn’t have to wait to fill our already grumbling bellies.

Coffees from The Grounds to start, $3.50

Fremantle Grilled Octopus, $24

Slow cooked octopus, spiced carrot hummus, chickpea, toasted pumpkin seed, Dutch carrots, paprika oil and Fennel salad. The octopus was a little too salty for me, but otherwise it was so tender and juicy. The carrot hummus went well with the tentacle. Definitely recommend this dish.

Tigers Milk Salmon ceviche, $23

I was torn when I saw this dish being placed in front of me. 1) It looks amazing. 2) It looks tiny. This dish really does taste as amazing as it looks. The salmon had a certain creaminess to it. If you’re made of money, and also trying to avoid a carby dish, this is it. It was worth the try, but I think next time I’d order something a bit more substantial, especially after driving more than an hour!

Morning Glory, $20

With scrambled eggs, chorizo, tandoori roasted sweet potato, kale, pickled red onion, whipped goat cheese and avocado, this dish did well to help fill out my stomach after the salmon ceviche. The sweet potato was a real treat! Nothing I’ve tried before, and I might have to give it a whirl at home.

Blackwood Pantry might just be worth the drive down! The vibe and decor are awesome, and the staff are all smiles and its a really nice place to start the day!

Blackwood Pantry
5/33 Surf Lane, Cronulla

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Piccolo Me, Sydney

 After pining after this place for weeks I finally got to try the nutella bomb at Piccolo Me in Wynyard on Bridge St. It’s situated in a building lobby and has a tiny shop front so can actually be easily missed if you’re not paying attention!



 The Sanchez: chicken, avocado, mushroom, cheddar, tomato and chipotle BBQ ($9.70)


Vegetarian omelette





Nutella Bomb – hot chocolate ($3.50)



Nutella Bomb – mocha ($3.50)

The Food Zoo experience:This stuff is the bomb! (pun intended ^^) I cannot believe that people haven’t thought about a huge chunk of nutella in their coffee – or that this hasn’t become mainstream yet! The food was alright – no set menu as the sandwiches are prepared fresh daily depending on the produce they can source. Staff were friendly and the shop at Wynyard didn’t seem terrible busy. Tip: the bomb in the takeaway cup stays hotter for longer! And mix thoroughly or you’ll end up with a pile of turd-looking chocolate at the bottom of your cup!

Piccolo Me
10 Bridge St
Sydney NSW 2000

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Armory Wharf Cafe, Newington

I can’t think of a place that I love to spend my time at more than Blaxland Riverside Park. Usually The Mister and I buy takeaway lunch or dinner and sit on the tables facing Parramatta River for a nice relaxing meal. There are bike paths throughout the park, and plenty of free parking.

Of the many times I’d frequented the park, I’ve always had my eye on the Armory Wharf Cafe. It is usually very busy during the weekend lunch times, and I finally made the commitment to wake up earlier and head on over for breakfast… yes, even though breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, mornings are so my least favourite time of the day. for shame ):

 Caramel Milkshake, $5 + Fresh Lemonade, $4.50

As usual, to for drinks I ordered a caramel milkshake

 Breakfast Burritto, $12

This consisted of chorizo, boiled egg, Heidi Gruyere cheese, baby spinach, cherry tomato, sweet corn and capsicum pickle. The cheese was a little overwhelming for me, but overall I loved this. Initially I thought the chorizo would be overly salty but my worries were soon put to rest, and I got a tasty burritto :)

 Tempura flathead fillets w/ chips, lemon caper sauce and lemon cheek, $18

The good thing about eating with a guy is that they never fail to order one of the greasiest foods for breakfast, which worked so well for me since I wanted a bit of chips and fried. Unfortunately for The Mister, he had to eat the whole greasy thing, as well as drink my caramel milkshake. The fish was very well fried and it was very crispy and a delight for me to eat. There is the option to add a small side salad for $3.50, which The Mister regretting not doing so when he was about half way through the meal.

There is definitely a reason that this place has been busy every time I visited, and I would definitely, and have, come back for another meal.

Following a large meal, Blaxland Riverside Park is a beautiful place for a brisky post-meal walk… and we managed to make it all the way to the ferry terminal down the bike track.. but be warned, on a hot day, there is very little shade… and the walk back was slightly torturous, and I somehow managed to get myself a night sunburn… Damn I miss summer already.

Armory Wharf Cafe
Building 13, Blaxland Riverside Park Jamieson Street
Newington, 2127
T: (02) 9714 7513

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