Lotus Dumpling Bar, Walsh Bay

Happy Monday everyone! Just thought I’d rub it in and post on my day off work. And where else to start than back to where it all began… The funky dumpling bar along the restaurants at Walsh Bay.



Violet Argyle Dumpling – fresh beetroot juice, argyle beef, spring onion & baby bok choy ($13.80)


Pan fried pork buns ($10.80 for 4)


Lotus duck salad ($16.00)


“Kung Pao chicken” ($25.00)


Messina – Chocolate and Mango sorbet

The Food Zoo experience: I have to say, I still love the pan fried pork buns the best. And on special occasions to celebrate not winning $500 million dollars we would come here and order loads and loads of pork buns! And then to finish it off with Messina icecream – Ah, the satisfaction!

Lotus Dumpling Bar
Shop 3 16 Hickson Rd
Walsh Bay, NSW

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Chef’s Gallery, Sydney

Chef’s Gallery – Piggy buns. Chef’s Gallery – Piggy buns. Okay, so they do have other food but when Chef’s Gallery first opened late last year, I saw same dish, uploaded by ten different people on facebook…. I think it’s a sign to check it out!

Wok fried medium grain rice with three types of eggs (chicken egg, salted duck egg and century egg) $13.90

Exactly as the menu states “a must try dish”. The salted duck egg yolk gives the fried rice this amazing thick grainy texture. If you’ve seen a similar dish anywhere else, please let me know!

Cucumber served cold with a hint of chili oil – $3.90

Yummy crispy cucumber. A little to0 chili and dry for my liking but somehow couldn’t stop eating it… Scrumptious!

Spinach noodles wok fried with seafood $16.90

I think this was another recommended menu dish… Wasn’t a huge fan of the spinach noodles since my mum also makes it fresh… Guess I just have high (or warped) expectations!

Steamed sesame ‘piggy-face’ bun $5.90

The famous chef’s gallery dessert. I thought it was a hard sesame paste inside but it was a runny sesame sauce when I tried to pull it apart! Loved the sesame taste but proceed with caution!

Steamed pumpkin pastry dumpling filled with lotus paste – $5.90

Interesting appearance but a little bland to eat. I would recommend sticking to the piggy buns!

Red bean paste delicately rolled in fine sticky rice flour pastry – $5.90

I never really knew what sticky rice flour pastry was like but according to my friends, it wasn’t really what they were expecting. Actually it tasted rather dry and had a faint red bean taste. Once again, stick to the piggy buns if you wanna be safe!

Chef’s Gallery
501 George St
Sydney, 2000
(02) 9267 8877

501 George St
Sydney, 2000

501 George St
Sydney, 2000

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