Cozy Thai, Wahroonga


Lately The Mister and I have been looking for places near our homes for some tasty and inexpensive eats. While browsing one of my many food apps on the iPhone, we came across Cozy Thai and decided to give it a go.

It has been so long since I’ve eaten here, but I mainly wanted to post the yummy dessert photos :)

Vegetable spring rolls, $6.90 + Fish cakes, $7.90

 So Healthy, $13.90

Stir fried five colours medley of vegetables, tofu, cashew nuts, shiitake mushroom and oyster sauce.

null Crispy soft shell crab chilli, salt and pepper, $18.90

null Kaffir lime pork, $15.90

Stir fried batter marinated pork with chilli, garlic and kaffir lime leaves. This is the local favourite. You look around and see that most all the tables have ordered this dish, and it is for good reason. The sauce has a slight sweetness to it, but not as strong as the tamarind and slightly softens the fried batter so that it better suits the texture of the pork underneath.

 Tamarind Duck, $17.90

Roasted duck in sweet tamarind sauce topped with dried red onion, served with steamed healthy vegetables.

null Tamarind tofu, $12.90

Most of the main dishes are typical of your Thai restaurants and were, really, nothing out of the ordinary… the desserts, however, I loved.

AWESOME dessert menu! …although I did notice they only had one in the whole restaurant. Lucky we didn’t have to fit anyone for the dessert menu, because heads would’ve rolled; no one gets in the way of me and my dessert.

Deep fried ice-cream, $6.90

I actually liked this deep fried ice cream. Usually I find them covered with too much coconut, but the outer layer was crisp and not overwhelmed with coconut bits.

Mixed berries crepe, $7.90

The chefs signature dish. French style crepes filled with a rich velvety cream and selection of berries topped with vanilla ice cream and cream. I expected this to be a little colder than it was; the berries were room temperature, not that I’m complaining. It was light, and I loved how sour the berries were. I wish I’d ordered it so I could have had more :(

Chocolate spring rolls, $7.90

Best dish of the night, hands down. Warm, tasty, melty chocolate in a crunchy wrapping allllll for myself.

Considering the fact that I am currently unemployed, this did not really match the “cheap” criteria we were looking for but it is convenient, has its own parking right out front and a bottle shop next door there really isn’t much else to say no to, especially if you just want to pop out for a quick dinner… I mean, you can only have pizza so many nights in a row.

Cozy Thai
U1/46 Hampden Ave
Wahroonga, 2076
T: (02) 9489 1120
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