Mint, Burwood

As promised, the post which was meant to precede TeaPlus Burwood (as you can tell, I clearly get overexcited by dessert and jumped the gun on that post).



Mint’s special lemonade


 Thick vermicelli lemongrass soup ($11.50)


Mint’s signature beef noodle soup with Australian wagyu cutes ($17.00)


Chicken salad congee ($13.00)


Lemongrass pork with rice ($12.00 extra for tomato rice)

The Food Zoo experience: Situated on the main road amongst a whole strip of other restaurants, you know it’s good when people area already waiting outside for an early dinner. Turnover is quite quick so the wait is never too long. I was surprised by the lemongrass pork which was served more as a stir-fry instead of grilled pork chop style but was tasty nevertheless. Portions were generous and the menu is maaaaaaaaassive (although who am I kidding, I always order pho). Highly recommending this place and I am officially labeling it as my go-to restaurant in Burwood!


226, Burwood Road
Burwood 2134

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Pho Hai Duong, Marrickville

After buying ice-cream at Serendipity, the BF and I realised we were actually starving! So we drove to Marrickville shops and wandered around the main street. They say, if you’re looking for a good restaurant, always go to the ones that are packed and busy!

We scoured the streets of Marricville (well more like the main street) and eventally ended up at Pho Hai duong. It’s perpendicular to the main street and I noticed it was one of the more cleaner and brighter restaurants around the area.

Coconut Juice

Soothing coconut juice… Drinks come out first but don’t finish it so hastily! Best sipped in between spoonfuls of steaming hot beef noodle soup!

Vietnamese Crepe Style Pancake with Prawn and Pork

An interesting entree – the crepe is actually made with salted egg yolk so I loved the grainy texture. However the flavour was a bit bland so make sure you top it up with the fish sauce provided.

Crispy Skin Chicken with Tomato Rice

When you order crispy skin chicken I guess you really expect crispy skin chicken. However, the meat was at best, standard  with the skin being soggy and not crispy at all!! However the tomato rice was really good with strong flavour but still didn’t make up for the dissatisfying crispy skin chicken.

Pho Rice Noodle Soup with Medium Rare Beef (large)

Highlight of any vietnamese meal – the Pho! The presentation was by far the best I had seen for a cheap vietnamese meal. There was a good serving of beef and onion and I loved the strong beef stock soup. I’ve been craving pho ever since!

Pho Hai Duong
304 Illawarra Rd
Marrickville 2204
T: (02) 9559 5078

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