Moody Chef, Crows Nest

It seemed not so long ago that I was here with my most favourite person in the world. It’s so lonely not having you around but I feel so lucky that you will always have a place for me in your heart. When life gets tough and time passes by too slowly, I can always imagine you reminding me “everything happens for a reason”- even though I have yet to figure out what that reason is.

Anyway, I digress! Moody Chef is one of the few places I love going back to for the relaxed atmosphere, sweet memories and most importantly – good food! There are plenty of indoor (booth seating and private function room) and outdoor options which means it’s pet friendly!


They have their own range of sauces & jams!


Milkshake, Wild berry smoothie, Mocha


Chunky chips with peri-peri aoli ($8.90)


Poached eggs & Kipfler potato, bacon hash ($17.90)


Grilled chorizo and roast tomato bruschetta with fresh ricotta, poached eggs & pesto ($16.90)


Delicious runny poached eggs!


Poached eggs on spanish txitorra sausage with chickpea fries, chilli jam & wood fired toast ($17.90)


Nutella and mascarpone pancakes ($15.90)

The Food Zoo experience: The pancakes – oh my – were to die for. I have been going through a nutella phase and what I loved about the pancakes were the generous slabs of nutella between each pancake. Yes… I said “between”!!! I could happily die from a nutella overdose! I also really liked the poached eggs and the chunky fries get a thumbs up from me! I wasn’t a huge fan of the kipfler potatoes and bacon hash (was hoping the potatoes would be crispier and there were bits of hash which were just bacon fat) but there are plenty of other options and I will gladly go back go back to tick off each item from the menu!

The Moody Chef

1/30 Atchison St
St Leonards NSW 2065

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Kitchen by Mike, Rosebery

Oh some more from the archives which I never got around to posting! Kitchen by Mike is located in Alexandria – there seems to be a trend of the open kitchen (or maybe I’ve just noticed it more than before) and I’m loving it! You know the food is freshly prepared as you watch the chefs pull out freshly baked tarts from the oven. The wait is not too long and there are plenty of tables or a furniture/homeware shop within the same warehouse to keep you busy as you wait for your food and/or table.



Freshly prepared fig tarts


Mixed berry smoothie ($5.5o)


Sourdough pancakes with lemon curd ($14.oo)


Baked beans, bacon & poached egg ($14.oo)

The Food Zoo experience: My favourites were the mixed berry smoothie and the sour dough pancakes! The lemon curd was so refreshing and just such a great twist on the morning breakfast being typically pancakes coated in maple syrup (I’m hoping this is not just me…). If you want to avoid the queues at The Grounds then Kitchen by Mike is the next best option!

Kitchen by Mike
85 Dunning Ave
Rosebery 2018

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