Anvil Coffee Co., Kirribilli

Look who finally decided to start this back up. New job = more time to do the things I love to do.

So I’d seen such lovely pictures of the view from this place I wanted to treat Mr. Auie to breakfast/early lunch. But it was raining and cloudy, not that the rain didn’t add a different sense of beauty to the shoreline.

Breakfast starts with a coffee!

Flat White, $3.50

Not my type of coffee here unfortunately. Too bitter, and tasted like burn to me. :( But to each their own!

Buttered Arabian Eggs, $16 + side of smoked salmon, $5

Pretty much Greek yoghurt on most things will get me excited on the breakfast menu. The eggs were a little too poached as there was no ooze at all from the yolk :( But otherwise the bread was crispy, the yoghurt sour, and the mint refreshing. The salmon was a good choice!

House Cheeseburger, $12 + Side of Bacon $4

Big fat juicy burgers make me weak at the knees! It didn’t have the traditional cheeseburger flavour, especially without a pickle. A cheeseburger is not a cheeseburger without a pickle. But that aside, it was indeed a big, juicy burger. From the sesame seeds on the bun, to the moist patty and the crisp greens and gooey cheese.

We were lucky that we didn’t have to wait for a table, as after we were seated and had ordered there was quite a long line. So I’m going to say based on experience that 1100 is a good time to go.

Anvil Coffee Co.
Kirribilli Commutter Wharf, Holbrook Ave
Kirribilli, 2061
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