La Banette Patisserie, Glebe

About a week ago on our way to have Spanish Tapas for dinner, my friend and I walked past this little store, and glanced in… then proceeded to double back and go inside for a look. With the both of us being dessert people we were salivating, and cursing ourselves for not discovering this place earlier, as well as already having booked the restaurant for an early dinner. So we stored it in our to-eat section in our brains.
Having been at home working on assignments all day, I trekked over to to Glebe, with said friend, and decided it was time to try out La Banette.

Now, this place does not have table service, but they do have tables :) Cute little tables at that, with imitation sandstone chairs. (I forgot to take a picture, I was too excited with all the tasty goodies).


Initially I opted for the vegetable quiche, but they were out of the warm ones, so i chose the ratatouille one instead.

Ratatouille Quiche, $5
It was not like the usual quiches. Instead of it being milky, it was full of stew, and tomatoes, and I’m a sucker for zucchini. Gorgeous on such a cool, windy day.

Bacon and mushroom quiche, $5
I took a small bite out of this one. Just like your everyday quiches, but in my opinion, much better pastry :) I am also a sucker for pastry… actually, anything fattening and not good for me.

So with our lunch out of the way, and with dessert only the point of a finger away, we deliberated for a while which was our best option.
Mini chocolate eclair, $3
It was mini, and the friend was stingy, so I didn’t get any.. but there was tasty looking chocolate cream inside. And the white flakey stuff on top was white chocolate. I didn’t get one because I thought it was coconut. :\


Opera cake, $4.20
Look at the layers on that baby. Soft and spongey, and sooo decadent. Good thing we shared one between the two of us but now thinking back to it, I wish we hadn’t; I want more.

They had a green tea cake that I know a certain someone would like, so I will definitely be going back and buying more cakes, and maybe even the cute petit fours :)

La Banette Patisserie
18 Glebe Point Road
Glebe, 2037
T: (02) 8095 9688

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