MoVida Aqui, Melbourne CBD

More from Melbourne… The MoVida Aqui, the newer branch of the famous Spanish MoVida Melbourne. I would definitely have wanted to try MoVida at Hosier Lane but apparently it was all booked out. Nevertheless Aqui was absolutely amazing and I’m glad I tried it!

Busy with lots of hustle and bustle around but also happens to remain quite casual. I love how the bar is decorated with red and black milk crates… A nice touch to the environmental and underground feel =)

Complimentary bread and olive oil

Anchoa -Hand-filleted Cantabrian Artisan anchoy on crouton with smoked tomato sorbet ($4.50 each)

A what-the-hell-weird-combination which you just can’t stop eating! The cold tomato sorbet with salty anchovy and crispy crouton… Never would have thought I would enjoy it.

Lengua –  Chargrilled David Blackmore +9 Wagyu Beef tongue with celeraic salad and a slow cooked egg ($16.50)

My absolute favourite dish of the entire Melbourne trip – no joke! The beef tongue was amaaazing and the celeraic salad was so crispy yet thick when mixed with the egg yolk.

Bomba – Catalan potato bomb filled with chorizo ($4.50 each)

I liked the sound of the chorizo and potato combination but unfortunately, not enough chorizo =(

Carillera De Buey – Slowly braised beef cheek in Pedro Ximenez on cauliflower puree ($22.50)

Because of this dish… I am now addicted to anything with cauliflower! The meat was cooked so well it practically fell apart in my mouth! Makes me wish I was in Melbourne again…

Pancetta con Morcilla – Confit pork belly and morcilla with apple puree ($23.50)

Hmm I don’t seem to remember tasting the morcilla (especially since I just found out it’s basically “blood sausage”) but I DO remember that everything tasted swell – Nothing like a heavy pork dish served with a sweet apple puree.

MoVida Aqui certainly lived up to expectations (the way they sell themselves on their website is actually true) and I’d be so keen to try the original MoVida Melbourne next time!

MoVida Aqui
500 Bourke St Level 1
Melbourne 3000
T: (03) 9663 3038
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Cantina Bar + Grill, Darlinghurst

I cannot stress enough how much I love tapas! You get to try such a large variety of dishes, despite only having 2 people for dinner. So when it was my turn to pick what was for dinner, I could not pass up the opportunity to try out Cantina. A friend of ours had recommended we try this place after having a very rushed meal at Encasa a few weeks back.
You can’t really see it here, but I love the seating in this place. When I’m out having a dinner with the bf, I don’t like sitting opposite to each other, so I was elated when I saw the ‘L’ shaped corner lounges. :) :)

Sangria ½ carafe, $15
…and of course, I like to start with some Sangria. I opted for only the half litre as I was supposed to get back early to work on assignments and the like. (I didn’t though in the end, if you were wondering)

Sonoma sourdough (w/ extra virgin olive oil & caramelized vinegar), $4
The bread was actually really sour, but I love sour so I’m not complaining, just noting. Coupled with the olive oil and vinegar = ♥

Patatas bravas, $12
I’m sorry, I can’t have tapas without ordering patatas bravas! The only bad thing was it didn’t come with the creamy sauce that most other places have. But no fear, the calamari (below) sauce came to the rescue!

Air dried wagyu beef (w/ red pepper, paprika & chimichurri sauce), $20
Fluffy, tender, juicy, what more could you ask for? Oh right, more of that delicious chimichurri sauce please!

Dusted calamari (w/ chilli & lime mayo), $17
This dish. So. Much. Sex. I could eat only this for days, and the sauce, YUM. *dreams*

Spicy grilled baby back ribs, $16
This was on the specials menu for the night. I love ribs so much, but for shame! The waiter lied when he said we should order more food. At this point I was eating very slowly in hopes I could trick the bf into eating my share also, but I felt so bad, because like I said, I freaking love ribs and these tasted so damned good. Could’ve been more spicy, but I reiterate, damned good.

Crema catalana (w/ vanilla & cinnamon & burnt sugar top), $9 (I THINK)
Yup, just creme brulee. But I don’t like cinnamon… so I didn’t eat much more than 2 bites. It was still very nice and fluffy. (I opted for churros, but got none *Sad face*)

That’s yet another Spanish restaurant down, many more to go! I’ve already got a few more in mind *excitement*

Cantina Bar + Grill
245 Oxford Street
Darlinghurst, 2010
T: (02) 9357 3033
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Spanish Tapas Restaurant, Glebe

It’s a Friday night and I’ve just finished a long day at uni, and a dinner with a mate was long overdue. With both of us having eaten not too long ago we scoured Urbanspoon for something light, and decided on tapas. Now, I hate walking, so I decided against any located in the CBD, and opted for Glebe Point Road, as it was closer and had free parking not to far from it.

This place looks deceptively small when you’re standing on the street looking in, but there is a whole back section. The back section seems like a nice place to sit, were it a breezy summer night, as opposed to the cold night that it was. But the atmosphere was still very nice, and considering that we were dining early, we had the place almost all to ourselves :)

Sangria – 0.5 litre, $11
Not the best sangria I’ve had, but I needed the alcohol for what was to come. I’m not happy about this review, because I really don’t like saying bad things about places I’ve visited, but I want to write (my) truth

Chilli Bread, $4
I loved this bread! I could just come back and order an entire bag full for take away for me to eat back at home. initially our first reaction was ‘…so where’s the chilli…?’ But after a while it kicked in =] tasty =]

Albondigas a la española (meatballs cooked in tomato sauce), $12.50
There are four meatballs somewhere hidden under all that tomato sauce! They were actually pretty big. If you join the tips of your thumb and finger together, that’s about the size of it. They were a bit dry, and mate thought they tasted gamey. I guess its personal preference. The sauce was nice though, and went well with the mushrooms (below).

Patatas bravas (potatoes in spicy tomato sauce), $11
,I can never go to a Spanish restaurant without ordering patatas bravas :) but I’m sorry to say that these just tasted like diced potatoes that they put in the microwave. It’s not a good feeling to be peeling off the skin from the rest of the potato ):

Champiñones rebozados (crumbed mushrooms), $12
These mushrooms were nice (relatively). They did taste a lot more like mushrooms when they were cold. But it was a cold night, and I wanted hot food ):

Alas de pollo al ajillo (chicken wings cooked in garlic and white wine sauce), $10
Basically this tasted like wine. Well I suppose it’s what I ordered. It might be just my taste buds, but there wasnt much else to it. Yup, chicken textured wine…

Churros Con Chocolate, $8.50
These churros made me sad ): They were obviously hours, maybe even days, old. My guess is that the chocolate dip was just microwaved again to remelt the chocolate… very poorly. There was a layer of oil on the top. From the chocolate being remelted? so disappointing ): and did not curb my churros cravings at all ): ):

In all honesty, if I had the ability to decide again where I opted to have dinner, I definitely would not have chosen the eat here. Though I would like to mention, it may be a whole other story if I were to have a group event, where $55 pp would get us all unlimited sangria and soft drinks… assume the point of my event would be to drink and not to eat good food.

But ahh, I feel bad writing this up, but there’s no point lying about it ):

Spanish Tapas Restaurant
26 Glebe Point Road
Glebe 2037
T: (02) 9571 9005
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