Brewtown Newtown, Newtown

I’ve had the cronut from Brewtown Newtown before, but the line at the front scared me off, so I ended up running away with take-away cronut. But I was determined this time to wait it out to have brunch. Luckily the line was not as long and the wait was about 15 minutes.

Breakfast juice: Kale, apple, celery and ginger, $6

The juice was refreshing and a good way to start the day. Nothing like a cleansing drink before clogging up your arteries with the grease laden cronut.

Skim Flat White, $3.50

Some seriously smooth milk going on here. I could drink several cups of this, and would have if the brunching buddy didn’t remind me I was on a strict diet.

Grilled black sausage home-made hash browns, Canadian bacon, house relish, boiled eggs, $16.

Mmmmm, sweet Canadian baconnnnnnn…. The black sausage had a nice firm, chunky texture, just the way you want sausage to be. The eggs were, weirdly, served cold. The hash browns were the real star on this plate with just the right amount of crunch, which gives way to the soft warm potato gems inside.


Salmon kedgeree, wood smoked salmon, Israeli couscous, poached egg, coriander, and lime, $16.50 + Avocado smash, $4.50.

The salmon was lightly smoked with just the right amount of saltiness. My first date with Israeli couscous and it was a dream. Perfectly light and fluffy. The were a little stingey with the lime, or maybe I’m just too used to lacing my food with lemons and limes, as I didn’t really taste any. When everything was eaten by itself it seemed a bit out of place to me. Lucky I like playing with my food and decided to mash up the egg and give everything a good stir-through with the avocado smash, and lo-and-behold, perfection.


Chocolate cronut, $5.50

I only allowed myself a small slice of this cronut but it was heavenly. As good as this tasted, I have to say I much prefer the glazed version. Grease seemed more readily dripping from that one.

Brunch always seems so short…especially since I’m limited to one a week. :( When I feel like my arteries are ready for real punishment I want to come back and definitely try the Elvis burger.
Brewtown Newtown
6-8 O’Connell St
Newtown, 2042
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Chedi Thai Restaurant, Newtown


Chedi: probably one of my favourite places to eat. It is bustling on a Friday and Saturday night being situated on Newtown’s Kings Street. It also provides a calm, relaxed place to dine any other day of the week. The wait staff are always friendly and energetic, and Greg and Shanya are wonderful people who have the ability to make everyone feel warm and welcomed.

Green Mango Salad, $15
Always a good dish, though I usually order it with the soft shell crab.



Fresh Corn Patties served with tangy plum sauce, $12
One good thing about sharing a table with a vegetarian is that they will notice things that I normally wouldnt myself. Here is a prime example. I mean, c’mon, corn patties? I would never have ordered them… but now, three days after the meal, I’m still aching for more.



Spring Rolls (4 per serve) served with tangy plum sauce, $7.50
I’ve never ordered so much vegetarian in my life! But they were all soooo goood.


Tom Yum Fried Rice with Prawns, $18.50
The serving was much too small for something so delicious! I love spicy food and this hit the spot.



Seasonal Vegetables with Silken Beancurd, $16
Yet another vegetarian dish that I’m happy to have ordered.



Crispy Pork with Chinese Broccoli, $17.90
Gorgeous. The pork was crispy, but not dry. My only regret, not ordering the crispy pork with chilili and basil instead to curb my chilli cravings!


I said it before, and I’ll say it again, great food and service; a great place for both a nice or casual night out. Chedi also provides free secure parking upon request and appointment, which is a bonus since it is located in Newtown.

Chedi Restaurant
74-78 King St
Newtown, 2042
Sydney, Australia
T: 9516 1127

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