Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills

My favourite meal of the week! Sunday brunch and I live by three rules: 1) Brunch at 10AM; 2) Brunch is to be shared; and 3) Keep calm and have brunch. I’m glad that upfront disclosures about sharing is gradually becoming less necessary with my friends… Shout out to you all *hugs and kisses*!

The wait wasn’t too long which is surprising since there doesn’t seem to be many seats in the cafe. There’s so much space which could be better utilised but I can’t complain because that means I can stand inside while waiting without feeling I’m in everyone’s way!



Plenty of waiting space indoors to avoid the chilly cold!


Funky bike shop at the back


Mocha ($4.00)


Caramel Popcorn Milkshake ($8.00)


Baked Eggs: chorizo, cannelini beans, toast ($17.00)


Coca Cola Ox Cheek Waffle: corn & tomato salsa, horse radish mayo, coriander ($19.00)


Sweet Waffle: peanut butter ice cream, peanut butter dulce de leche, caramel popcorn ($15.00)

The Food Zoo experience: I find it’s becoming pretty easy to find good coffee and Paramount Coffee Project definitely does not disappoint. $8 for a milkshake seems a bit steep but it was delicious and quoting my friend: it’s better than Reuben Hills! Thought the baked eggs were quite average but really liked both sweet and savoury waffles! The ox-cheek waffles took a bit of getting used to since I naturally associate waffles with dessert but the beef was cooked really well (also note, I couldn’t taste any Coca Cola). Oh and would also like to mention the staff were exceptional and non-instrusive at all which always makes the experience that much more enjoyable!

The Paramount Coffee Project
80Commonwealth St
Surry Hills 2010

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Devon Cafe, Surry Hills

Devon Cafe is one of the few places I would venture out to more than once (the other being Grounds Alexandria) for food and coffee that doesn’t disappoint (given that I have a huge list of cafes to tick off on my list)! Who doesn’t love waking up early on a cold rainy Monday to meet people who like to be horribly late for no good reason? I do! At least it was a public holiday, the wait wasn’t too long (20 mins when we arrived at 11AM) and I eventually got to spend some quality time with good company :)

A swan mocha!

Devon4Eggs Blini – buckwheat blini, cured king salmon, salmon caviar, brocolini, sauce Mikado and poached eggs ($21.00)

Devon3Two chicks in basque – baked eggs, piperade, pistou, sourdough toast ($16.00)

Devon2 Breakfast of Champions – Spanish blood sausage, chestnut, celeriac gratin, apple puree, fried egg ($20.50)

Devon5Little Lost Bread – PB&J brioche french toast, warm banana, nutella jam, peanut butter ice cream ($18.50)

The Food Zoo experience: Delicious coffee, tasty food, overly enthusiastic and friendly staff. My favourite were the eggs blini (who doesn’t love perfectly poached eggs?!). Devon cafe always find a great twist on the traditional breakfast – poached eggs, baked eggs and french toast. The little lost bread was an absolutely delicious breakfast dessert but probably best had shared – a great flavour combination which otherwise would just be too much on its own. Let’s hope I can stay away long enough to try a different cafe!

Devon Cafe
76 Devonshire st
Surry Hills, NSW
T: (02) 9211 8777

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Ms. G’s, Potts Point

I know every time I post it seems like I’m apologising for the lack of posts! But what better reason to post than Mother’s Day lunch! At Ms. G’s!! This trendy little Asian Fusion restaurant has had all my friends talking for a while and I think I’ve finally been won over on my second visit here.

DSC_0002Ms. G’s lower ground level

Conveniently located behind Kings Cross train station, the restaurant spans several levels in a loft-like style. with an open plan kitchen in the basement. My favourite was the lower ground level with garden view and only one round table at the back (which we unfortunately couldn’t secure for our group of eight). Cute hanging Chinese lanterns and mismatched oriental plates clearly intrigued and excited my family so much… I clearly need to take them out more often =P

DSC_0015Mini bánh mì- crisp pork belly or chicken katsu ($6.00 each)

One of my favourite dishes of the meal and consistently yummy for my tummy! When these arrived I was so hungry I was already on my last mouthful as my family savoured the difference between the pork and chicken. General consensus was the pork belly but I liked them both! Anything with pickled veggies and herbs :D

DSC_0016Kingfish tostada, green papaya, guacamole, red nahm jim ($18.00)

This entree was  just as fun and amazing as it looked! Loved using my hands and digging into this dish. The kingfish was so fresh and the salad so full of flavour! great combination!

DSC_0021Crispy new potatoes, Pauls chilli jam ($12.00)

DSC_0025Vietnamese steak tartare, prawn crackers ($18.00)

Steak tartare and prawn crackers. What more could you ask for! I love any variation of steak tartare and would definitely recommend this dish. Just don’t be like my grandma and only eat the prawn crackers =P

DSC_0032Jow’s sweet & sour lamb ribs ($25.00)

Please don’t hate me but I’m personally not a big ribs fan BUT I think I may be converted! These ribs were so amazing the meat literally just peeled off the bone and were deliciously cooked (I won’t say perfect since I have no expectations of ribs) in flavour and texture. Highly recommended!!!

DSC_0037Grandma’s stirred spicy pork & tofu egg noodles ($19 .00)

I don’t do spicy but would gladly let my mouth burn for this dish haha. Definitely recommend the Grandma’s egg noodles over the shanghai noodles below.

DSC_0042Shanghai noodles, smoked eel, mushrooms, gruyere and dancing bonito flakes ($25.00)

The noodles are alive!!! Well it’s what I think every time I see bonito flakes on food. Was a bit disappointed with this dish – not sure if it was because we had over-ordered and this was the last dish to arrive but this dish was just too salty for my liking.

DSC_0053 ‘Stoner’s Delight 2.0’ – Doughnut ice cream, peanut butter, raspberry jam, candied bacon, potato chips, mars bar slice, banana fritter ($14.00)

I’m always one to look at the dessert menu first when researching restaurants, being invited to dine at a restaurant, recommending a restaurant and/or arriving at a restaurant. So let’s all just agree I’m a dessert person if you haven’t already noticed. Ms. G’s definitely did not disappoint. The Stoner’s delight – I think I read somewhere it’s pretty much the kind of dessert you come up with or would crave for if you were stoned. Was quite amused by the name really. To be honest, it was really rich and just thought there was way too much happening on the plate compared to the next two desserts…

DSC_0050“Bruce Springsteen”, butter popcorn ice cream,salted caramel, popcorn brittle and honeycomb
Background: “Halo Halo” Passion fruit ice cream, young coconut ice, strawberry, watermelon, jasmine jelly, lychee pearls & other stuff ($14.00)

These two desserts were my absolute favourite courses of the night. Was literally just alternating between spoonfuls of the delicious desserts. The rich creamy smooth popcorn, honeycomb and caramel flavours of the Bruce Springsteen contrasted with the refreshing and light passion fruit, coconut, watermelon and lychee pearls were absolute heaven and the best way to end a huge satisfying meal.

The Food Zoo experience: Overall a big thumbs up for Ms. G’s. I’m majorly impressed with the dessert menu and my favourite the lamb ribs. There are so many restaurants in Sydney to try but I can see myself coming back here soon if not for dinner then just dessert! Also, watch out for the 10% surcharge for 8+ bookings!

Ms. G’s
155 Victoria Street
Potts Point, NSW
T: (02) 8313 1000
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Cozy Thai, Wahroonga


Lately The Mister and I have been looking for places near our homes for some tasty and inexpensive eats. While browsing one of my many food apps on the iPhone, we came across Cozy Thai and decided to give it a go.

It has been so long since I’ve eaten here, but I mainly wanted to post the yummy dessert photos :)

Vegetable spring rolls, $6.90 + Fish cakes, $7.90

 So Healthy, $13.90

Stir fried five colours medley of vegetables, tofu, cashew nuts, shiitake mushroom and oyster sauce.

null Crispy soft shell crab chilli, salt and pepper, $18.90

null Kaffir lime pork, $15.90

Stir fried batter marinated pork with chilli, garlic and kaffir lime leaves. This is the local favourite. You look around and see that most all the tables have ordered this dish, and it is for good reason. The sauce has a slight sweetness to it, but not as strong as the tamarind and slightly softens the fried batter so that it better suits the texture of the pork underneath.

 Tamarind Duck, $17.90

Roasted duck in sweet tamarind sauce topped with dried red onion, served with steamed healthy vegetables.

null Tamarind tofu, $12.90

Most of the main dishes are typical of your Thai restaurants and were, really, nothing out of the ordinary… the desserts, however, I loved.

AWESOME dessert menu! …although I did notice they only had one in the whole restaurant. Lucky we didn’t have to fit anyone for the dessert menu, because heads would’ve rolled; no one gets in the way of me and my dessert.

Deep fried ice-cream, $6.90

I actually liked this deep fried ice cream. Usually I find them covered with too much coconut, but the outer layer was crisp and not overwhelmed with coconut bits.

Mixed berries crepe, $7.90

The chefs signature dish. French style crepes filled with a rich velvety cream and selection of berries topped with vanilla ice cream and cream. I expected this to be a little colder than it was; the berries were room temperature, not that I’m complaining. It was light, and I loved how sour the berries were. I wish I’d ordered it so I could have had more :(

Chocolate spring rolls, $7.90

Best dish of the night, hands down. Warm, tasty, melty chocolate in a crunchy wrapping allllll for myself.

Considering the fact that I am currently unemployed, this did not really match the “cheap” criteria we were looking for but it is convenient, has its own parking right out front and a bottle shop next door there really isn’t much else to say no to, especially if you just want to pop out for a quick dinner… I mean, you can only have pizza so many nights in a row.

Cozy Thai
U1/46 Hampden Ave
Wahroonga, 2076
T: (02) 9489 1120
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