Assiette, Surry Hills

It’s a month late but happy 5 yrs to Mr TH! To celebrate we decided to go somewhere fancy (which I still can’t decide whether it was a good idea or not…) and what better than a hatted – no make that TWO hatted (since 2010) – restaurant Assiette! I’m not usually one who is super keen for fine dining. I tend to feel so awkward and out of place amongst the sea of cutlery, plates and glasses on the table. Nevertheless, one can never say no to a degustation menu ($100 p.p.)!

The restaurant has a modest front entrance along Albion St just behind Central Station. It just so happened that we went on one of the hotter summer days last month. I’m not sure if it’s always like this but I found the restaurant slightly stuffy amplified by the carpeted floor though I have no doubt this would be perfect and cosy during winter though.

Freshly squeezed orange juice

Being the NON-alcoholic I am… We didn’t get the matching wines for the degustation but freshly squeezed orange juice… With a real piece of orange!

Seasonal oyster with Vietnamese dressing and baby coriander

Amazingly fresh oysters with awesome dressing… Wish they served more! A month later has the non-oyster eating Mr. TH still thinking about them.

Cured ‘Regal’ salmon with avacado, cucumber and radish salad

The radish salad was sooo nice! Lots of different textures especially with that cucumber jelly wrap (top).

Millefeuille of kervella goats’ curd with pineapple, beetroot vignarette

Pineapple and beetroot… nice fruity flavours to contract the savory dish. Such unique presentation too (though it didn’t last very long… Hehe)

Seared scallop and prawn beignet with white asparagus barigoule and cauliflower puree

It’s hard to get it wrong when you have a big fat juicy scallop! And I really really enjoyed the cauliflower puree… Thick and creamy to compliment the seared scallops.

Cone barramundi with saffron gnocchi, fennel, leek and mussel emulsion

I’m not a huge fan of cooked fish and was starting to feel quite full so I had to sit this one out. Lucky I did because everything else was still delicious!

Quail ballotine wrapped in proscuitto with corn ragout  and crsipy quail’s egg

So I’ve just googled what ballotine actually is: “a piece of meat, fish, or poultry that has been boned, stuffed and then rolled and tied into a bundle – usually poached or braised”. So I guess that explains the soft chewy meat inside the crispy proscuitto. The quail egg was pretty cool too… nicely cooked and I love the tiny little yolk! 

Roast lamb loin in balsamic, lamb shoulder rilette, eggplant puree and potato gallette

My favourite savory dish of the night. The lamb was cooked perfectly – Cooking lamb must be their specialty! I found the lamb at District Dining (post coming later) was also amazingly cooked!

Brillat savarin cheese cake with honeyed walnuts and pear puree

If you like rich salty cheese then this for you! I usually associate dessert with sugary sweet and chocolate goodness so this dish didn’t really cut it for me though once again, Mr. TH happily polished my plate for me.

Granny smith apple jelly with vanilla syrup and apple granita

It looks and sounds so simple but this was by far my favourite of the night (a dessert dish… No surprises here!). The apple granita was greatly welcomed and super refreshing as we were still feeling stuffy from the lack of air con…

Nectarine parfait with strawberry tapioca, summer berries and raspberry sorbet

I’m running out of words to describe this wonderful dinner! Now that I think about it, the food was really good but by experience was a bit overshadowed by the fact that there was no air-con (although Mr TH later suspected the stuffiness was due to the open kitchen). In fact, it was so good we went to District Dining not long after (supposedly run by the same chef but at a more affordable price) so watch out for that next post!

48 Albion St
Surry Hills 2010
T: (02) 9212 7979

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