The Incinerator, Willoughby

I’m glad they have finally made use of the ‘incinerator’ in my neighbourhood (really just an abandoned tin shed which I hadn’t even noticed for most of my childhood). The place is always packed and bustling whether it be a 9AM early coffee or a leisurely late lunch at 2PM! Make sure you check out the photos on the website – what they have done with this place is absolutely amazing!


Cappuccino ($3.80)


Mocha (Can’t remember…. Around $4.00?)


Incinerator Sandwich: peppered scotch fillet, cheddar, dijon and pickles ($15.00)


Pulled pork brioche bun, pineapple chutney, spring onions, crackle ($18.00)


Hand cut chips, rosemary sale ($9.00)

 The Food Zoo experience: The pulled pork brioche bun was my favourite and I have been back weekly if not twice a week for the coffee. The beef sandwich was served with what seemed like Smith’s potato chips from the packet which was so random. Overall, good relaxed venue for any occasion. The food is a little expensive but it’s nice that I don’t have to trek to Surry Hills and the likes for some consistently delicious coffee! And a tip from me; be wary of the nightmarish Saturday netball traffic during Winter!

The Incinerator
2 Small Street
Willoughby 2068

The Incinerator Cafe on Urbanspoon


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