Devon Cafe, Surry Hills

Devon Cafe is one of the few places I would venture out to more than once (the other being Grounds Alexandria) for food and coffee that doesn’t disappoint (given that I have a huge list of cafes to tick off on my list)! Who doesn’t love waking up early on a cold rainy Monday to meet people who like to be horribly late for no good reason? I do! At least it was a public holiday, the wait wasn’t too long (20 mins when we arrived at 11AM) and I eventually got to spend some quality time with good company :)

A swan mocha!

Devon4Eggs Blini – buckwheat blini, cured king salmon, salmon caviar, brocolini, sauce Mikado and poached eggs ($21.00)

Devon3Two chicks in basque – baked eggs, piperade, pistou, sourdough toast ($16.00)

Devon2 Breakfast of Champions – Spanish blood sausage, chestnut, celeriac gratin, apple puree, fried egg ($20.50)

Devon5Little Lost Bread – PB&J brioche french toast, warm banana, nutella jam, peanut butter ice cream ($18.50)

The Food Zoo experience: Delicious coffee, tasty food, overly enthusiastic and friendly staff. My favourite were the eggs blini (who doesn’t love perfectly poached eggs?!). Devon cafe always find a great twist on the traditional breakfast – poached eggs, baked eggs and french toast. The little lost bread was an absolutely delicious breakfast dessert but probably best had shared – a great flavour combination which otherwise would just be too much on its own. Let’s hope I can stay away long enough to try a different cafe!

Devon Cafe
76 Devonshire st
Surry Hills, NSW
T: (02) 9211 8777

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One thought on “Devon Cafe, Surry Hills

  1. auie 16 June, 2014 / 10:59 pm

    Lol but I’m so worth the wait!! :) <3

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