wahwah lounge, Waterloo

I’m really really supposed to be studying right now but I need some valid reason for procrastinating hence.. this blog! Hmm I really hope no-one notices that I’m being sneaky! And so a little while back, the boy and I went to wahwah lounge at Waterloo. We were originally going to go to Danks St Depot (cafe with the ginormous bowls of coffee) but deciding to be slightly spontaneous we just hopped into the cafe next door…

The cafe is really casual with open dining spaces. As the weather was super humid I was actually hoping the inside would be a little air conditioned for me to enjoy my meal. Unfortunately there was no air-conditioning but nevertheless I survived. I love how the mirrors have served a dual purpose throughout the cafe – being used as “Specials” boards but also creating a spacious feel to the narrow dining area.

Fruit frappes & Fruit juices ($6.50)

There are freshly squeezed juices and special combination fruit frappes which are the perfect pick-me-up to get started for the weekend. I ordered “In the Pink” – watermelon and pineapple juice while the boy ordered a “Wah tang” – freshly squeezed pineapple, lime and mint fruit frappe.

Eggs Benedict – baby spinach & hollandaise with smoked salmon ($18.90)

I loved how the eggs were perfectly poached however served cool (I’m assuming so not to cook the smoked salmon). The boy had no complaints however I guess I’m just used to my eggs being served hot.

French toast with fresh Strawberries, maple syrup and creme fraiche ($11.00)

The best french toast I’ve had by far! You can’t really tell in the photo but the bread is so soft and drenched in the perfect amount of maple syrup. The strawberries and creamy creme fraiche just completed the awesome dish. I am definitely going to go back for more… No question about that!

Crispy chat potatoes tossed with creme fraiche & chives ($6.90)

Being the glutinous eater I am, I couldn’t resist but take up the waitress’ recommendation of the crispy chat potatoes and I am unbelievably glad I did. The creme fraiche must be their specialty or something! The potato skins were slightly crispy and topped with the creme fraiche, tasted just like sour cream and chives.

The food was great and the waitstaff were extremely friendly… I can’t wait to go back for the french toast and those crispy chat potatoes!

Wah Wah Lounge
Shop 2 1 Danks St
Waterloo 2017
T: (02) 9699 3456

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3 thoughts on “wahwah lounge, Waterloo

  1. henry 9 December, 2010 / 11:26 pm

    hey jenny maybe if you stopped eating at all these expensive places you’d save some money

    • jnyw 7 January, 2011 / 11:38 am

      … Thanks for the advice Henry.

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