Solitary Restaurant & Kiosk, Leura

In keeping with the theme of our relaxing mid-week getaway, we decided we wanted to lunch at a price we wouldn’t usually were we back in Sydney. Prior to making our way to Leura, I came across Solitary’s website and at the sight of the photograph on the main page, I was sold.


We made our way to the restaurant by taking yet another winding road, at uncomfortably fast speeds (the boy has a dangerous love of mountain roads), after a morning of bush walking at nearby Wentworth Falls. Tiresome work, I was not made for physical activity ):



They offered outside seating, but it was full by the time we arrived, at around 2pm for a late lunch. I would’ve opted for inside seating anyway, because despite the nice sunny weather there was still a chilly breeze, and I like my food warm =) There were no other tables inside, and the hostess seated us well around the corner from the kitchen and front door, so we had plenty of privacy to enjoy the impressive view.

null Lemon lime bitters, $4.90


Caramel milkshake, $4.50
I have this bad obsession with caramel milkshakes, and I feel compelled to order one whenever I see it on the menu. Very not good for me, but so tasty all the same.


Saltimbocca – Grilled pork with sage, prosciutto and melty cheese with cress salad, $24.50
I am still torn, and undecided on where I stand with prosciutto; I can’t decide if I like it or hate it =/ The grilled pork was perfect, and not dry at all, though I felt that the $24.50 price tag on the two pieces of pork a little hefty but I did say I was eating out of my means for this meal so I’m not exactly complaining either.


Solitary’s steak sandwich, with tomato relish and caramelised onion, $17.00
Well worth the $17. The beef was juicy and tender, and I love tomato relish.


Fries with roast garlic aioli (small), $7.70
I only wish that little plate of aioli was bigger. I love aioli, and these chips were crispy and most importantly, hot. :) Initially we ordered the large fries but the hostess let us know that large was generally intended for groups of four people, even though I probably could have finished the large chips anyway :D

The cheesecake dessert we set our sights on ordering was sold out, so I got no dessert. *sadface*


Look! They grow their own herbs :) and there’s the chef running out to get some more :)


We were also greeted by this cockatoo upon leaving the restaurant :) I never realised how big they were until it swooped past me. I almost ran across to the other side of the building :S


If you’re in the Blue Mountains near Leura, I would say that its definitely worth a visit, if not just for the amazing views.

90 Cliff Drive
Leura Falls
T: (02) 4782 1164
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2 thoughts on “Solitary Restaurant & Kiosk, Leura

  1. jnyw 8 October, 2010 / 11:43 pm

    That’s amazing! How did you get the close-up shot of the cockatoo? Anyway, because of your posts, I am now contemplating a trip to Leura in the near future! Woo!!

  2. Wendy 24 October, 2010 / 2:28 am

    I love your website!! I live in San Francisco, but come to Sydney often. Keep up the good work!!

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