Pins on Megalong, Leura

We were recommended Pins on Megalong by the lady whose Bed & Breakfast we were staying at while at Leura. On the first night we decided we wanted to stay in and so opted for take-away, and ordered light as we were unsure of what the food would be like. Having our first tastes from the take-away boxes we both agreed that Pins warranted a second (if not more) visit and pretty much booked a table right there and then.

Pins was only a brisk 5 minute walk away from where we were staying and its a nice walk, even at night you can see the beautiful gardens and flowers around Leura. On the outside (I didn’t get a picture *sadface*) you wouldn’t even think much of it, as it blends into all the other houses around it. When you walk in you are greeted with a warm fireplace, perfect on such a cold night up in the Blue Mountains. There seems to be only one waiter tonight, and last night as well, despite the restaurant being full, so it does take awhile to get seated.


Char-grilled calamari on a rocket salad, $11.50
The calamari wasn’t my cup of tea, but the boy liked the smoky barbecue flavour of it, and the texture is how you’d want calamari to be, not too rubbery.


There was a pretty long interval between the entrée and the main course and I just happened to have a pen with me, so we busied ourselves playing hangman. Why waste good paper? :)


Spicy lamb meatballs w/ spaghetti in a tomato cheese sauce, $18.90
This was on their specials board and I’d seen a lady eating it the night before, so I’d pretty much decided what I wanted to order before I set foot in the restaurant a second time :) I’m usually not a fan of cheese, but this delish. You can’t see it here, but the cheese came in soft gooey chunks in the sauce. The lamb meatballs were perfect and not too gamey, just the way I like my lamb.

Linguine pasta w/ garlic tiger prawns in a whisky saffron tomato cream, $21.90
I don’t remember much about this dish, just that it was creamy and creamy.. oh.. yeah, and creamy and I loved it. Not heavy creamy, but light, fluffy, yummy creamy, and wishing my stomach could expand so I could shovel both pastas in.

We’d tried both a meaty chicken dish and a pasta dish on the first night, but noticed the majority of diners opted for pasta dishes and when we had a chat with the single waitress that was working she also recommended the pasta dishes. Good recommendation :)


White chocolate creme brulee infused w/ ginger and fresh lime w/ honeycomb ice cream, $9.50
I loved how the top layer of caramelised sugar was so thin and delicate on this. There wasn’t much taste of lime, but the ginger was there, and noticeable but not overpowering. The thing I loved most: honeycomb ice cream :) yum.

The previous night I also got a chocolate mousse truffle cake and it was heaven!

Leura is only a short 1.5 hour drive from Sydney and we are definitely going to return for a third, or even fourth visit.

Pins on Megalong
156 Megalong St
Leura NSW 2780
T: (02) 4784 1010

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