Passionflower, Haymarket

Some people call ice-cream a dessert. But for me, you can pretty much have it any time of the day. Before lunch, afternoon snack and sometimes  a mouthful in the morning before going to work (a terrible habit I should learn to ditch!). Although a little pricy, Passionflower combines the best aspects of ice-cream cafes together – presenting the world’s most basic dessert in a sophisticated and stylish manner using popular Asian and exotic ice-cream flavors ranging from green tea and lychee to tiramisu and rose.

I think a lot of people already know about this place but there is more than one Passionflower in the city; however the one at Capitol Theater is the one that has been around the longest. Since being refurbished a short while ago, the modern decorations and clear plastic chairs give it an open spacious atmosphere.


Thai Tea Ice cream served in waffle basket

I believe this is one of their latest new flavours and I can’t believe no-one ever thought of it before! It’s so nice and milky and tastes just like the real thing!


As good as it gets – jackfruit, durian, taro & pandan ice creams with coconut jelly and glutinous balls

I love the glutinous balls! They’re so chewy and go so well with the coconut milk which get get to pour into the glass at your own discretion!


Superstar – black sesame, sticky rice & azuki red bean ice creams with black glutinous balls

Once again, more glutinous balls but this time covered in black sesame. This dessert is full of all the nutty and bean flavours.

Confucius – Japanese mousse, glutinous white/black balls, jade black jelly, golden syrup with black sesame, pandan and lychee rose ice creams

I really like the name of this dish… Philosophy of a wise man… To enjoy a little bit of everything! Not ordered by me but if you’re looking for variety, the Confucius is perfect when shared between two.


My little secret for getting takeaway, only buy the flavours if the tubs are more than half full… Otherwise you may find yourself with some ice-cream which contains some strange residual residue and not tasting so fresh ;)

Shop G12 Capitol Square
730-742 George St
Haymarket 2000
T: (02) 9281 8322
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