Serendipity Ice Cream, Marrickville

So, a few weeks ago I heard about this awesome ice-cream place from the BFs brother all the way in Marrickville and my mind was set on trying it out for myself! So a few days later, we trekked all the way to Marrickville to this little treasure and here’s what we discovered…

The shop front is really small but the exterior of the building is bright pink so not too hard to find. Inside you’ll be able to buy tubs of icecream either in 500ml portions for $6 or 150ml for $3. The smaller size is good to eat it on the spot but if you are a glutton for ice-cream, like me, you may want to bring an eski or cooler bag to keep the bigger tubs on your drive home.

There were so many flavours I wanted to try but eventually settled on three: Taro, Black Sesame and Peanut Butter Disaster. Serendipity make their own icecream with natural ingredients and you can really taste it. I loved the Taro! It took a while getting used to as I’m a huge fan of the taro icecream from passion flower. The texture and colour was completely different. The taro was a light purple with little bits of taro in it so I found that really exciting.

The BF chose the Black Sesame and like the taro,  it tasted 100% natural and not washed out with your typical milky and creamy supermarket ice-cream.

Love. Peanut. Butter. Anything which has peanut butter… Like the dream bars from Mrs Fields or the Peanut Butter Frappe from Max Brennar. The ice-cream here was super rich with flavour and maybe a little too strong. Maybe I have to go and buy some Serendipity Vanilla icecream to mix it with next time! hehe.

If you sign up to the Serendipity mailing list, once a month you are invited to collect a free 150mL ice-cream which is the new flavour that they are promoting. This month we got the Banana Berry Sundae and the taste was just amazing. The mix was perfect and the flavour was just so good it tasted like you were eatinbg a frozen banana!

Serendipity Icecream is also participating in the Sydney International Food Festival next month (October) with home-made ice-cream classes on 16th and 23rd October. Check it out!

Serendipity Ice Cream
333-339 Enmore Rd
Marrickville, NSW 2204
T: (02) 9557 8986